everybody's doing it...so i figured...why not? peer pressure is my nemesis.

:: Thursday, February 05, 2004 ::
i don't even know where to start.

i got my heart broken for the first time ever...and then it got put back together.

it is weird going to real school but kind of fun.

jaime is coming to visit in two weeks.

my mom comes to visit in three weeks.

i miss people at home.

i miss nisha.

tomorrow i am having lunch with donald.

i might transfer and i am excited.

that is all for now.

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:: Tuesday, December 16, 2003 ::
dude it has been a long long time.

don't know if anyone reads this anymore...but i am done with this semester and i am the happiest little girl in the world. it has been a rough one...but now i will have time to relax and have fun and figure shit out.

i finished my last paper yesterday and then had a fun girly night. we had dinner at Spice, which is just about the best thai food restaurant in the world, and then we got wasted off wine coolers and bonded. i don't know what i am going to do without my Nisha next semester. sad times. we just keep having fun and pretending she isn't leaving but she is...and in three short days i am going to have to say goodbye. yuck.

in other news...i am pretty sure i am going to change my major because i am awesome and indecisive but so it goes. i haven't made a final decision yet...that is what break is for. i am thinking that i want to work for a fashion magazine or become a buyer...so...journalism?...who knows.

i did all of my own christmas shopping this year...so i got my presents early...i finished up the other day at my favorite store (see last post) and i even got Nisha to buy something there. we saw kirsten dunst there and we felt cool cause we shop where she shops. oh man we are silly girls.

lately we have been watching the mtv movie award spoof of the Matrix several times a day. it is hilarious. i am also addicted to mariocart 64 which has appeared in andrew's room through a random series of events. look what i have become in just a couple days without schoolwork.

i get home on the 19th and i can't wait. i have been very homesick this semester and i miss my family. plus it is terribly cold here. i miss all of the crazy kids at home as well. i talked to my girl alecia yesterday for the first time in forever and it was good times. made my day.

anyway...i am off to do nothing...i love break. see you kids soon. :)
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:: Monday, October 06, 2003 ::
my mommy left today and i am sad.

we had the best time ever. i love my mother. she is the coolest. she is so much fun and she gives me so much strength. i wish she could have stayed longer.

we went to the coolest store in the world. a vintage store owned by summer phoenix, odessa whitmire (aka matt damon's girlfriend) and ruby canner. so fucking awesome. spent way too much money but got amazing stuff. plus i talked to matt damon's girlfriend (and summer phoenix) for a long time and she pinned my pants to get hemmed. :) i love new york city.

sadly, though, mother is gone and i am swamped with work and in desperate need of sleep. oh well, that's college for you. i miss my mom already.

in other news, i start my big diet tomorrow...rock on.

love to everyone as always, but i hear my bed calling to me.
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:: Thursday, October 02, 2003 ::
hey kids.

please disregard the last post and stop asking my mother if i am okay. :) i have had some rough spots personally, but everything is going to be fine. life is amazing for all intents and purposes; i just have to get my mind and my body to start being friends again.

anyway, moving on. my mother arrives tomorrow night with her best friend for a weekend of fun. unfortunately i have rehearsal all day saturday and part of sunday. oh well. mother doesn't want to sleep while she is here so we should have plenty of time for fun. there will be much shopping, both of the uptown 5th ave variety and the downtown soho cool shit variety. there will be good food, there will be a visit to the comedy cellar, and i'm sure there will be plenty of drunkeness on the part of the grown ups. i can't fucking wait.

studio has been very challenging but fun and exciting too. much more serious and individual. lots of work. we are putting on two evenings of lanford wilson one acts which should be pretty awesome...so if you are going to be in the new york area you should check them out ;).

i recently talked to alecia for the first time in forever and remembered why she is my best friend and i love her and i should talk to her all the time. so i will be working on that.

but i must now go grab some tea with the most wonderful boy in the world before i go to ballet class.

much love...and i will start posting more often...if anyone still reads this...

ps...it is cold outside :)
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:: Monday, September 15, 2003 ::
things are weird lately...

no...i am weird lately. i don't like it.

life is good here. i love my boy...i love my girls...school is awesome...the city is incredible...we are doing lanford wilson one acts...i am going to have lots of visitors.

so what is wrong with me?

i can't do this again. i hate feeling scared.

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:: Tuesday, September 09, 2003 ::
i was writing a huge post and it got deleted.

i don't have time to do it again. grrrr. soon though...soon. don't stop checking in. :)
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:: Tuesday, September 02, 2003 ::

i fear that i have alienated my small community of readers. however, my computer is still getting fixed so it is not entirely my fault.

in true alyx fashion...tomorrow is the first day of studio and i am already behind and overwhelmed...tonight may be an all nighter. oh well...i guess that's just how i ride.

i fucking love new york city. even when it is freezing and raining and gross. i love my roommates, even crammed into our tiny apartment. i love my boyfriend...all the time...for any reason and every reason. and i love all of you back home. and despite how insanely happy i am...i can't help but feel sad and left out when i read about all of the crazy adventures in tukee/tempe. it's all good though. i am just still adjusting.

the city rocks. visitors are welcome. i have already found lots of new and fun things to do, along with all of the old ones.

i'll write more soon. i want my computer.

in other news...brand new on thursday!

love love love

peace out yo
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